The Tree of Babylon is a brain parasite that's been growing in my head for some time now. It started off innocently enough, but it soon spun out of control and tried to eat it's way out multiple times in the form of badly written novels. Later on I realized that I hated describing the way a tree looked and everything that was going on in a character's head. I would rather draw it and have the audience figure it out. So early in 2008 I attempted to turn it into a graphic novel, full of color and shading and digitally painted backgrounds. I soon learned that while I could do it I didn't like it one little bit. I guess I just hate painting trees frame after frame after frame. The style I had picked didn't seem to fit the story, and I fell into the trap of explaining things I didn't need to when I just needed to show it. So after only 5 pages I left it up to the ages. But like a good parasite it just wouldn't die, so this site and it's efforts are yet another attempt to quell the little beastie.

I've been inspired by Ursala Vernon's Digger and Zachary Braun's Nature of Nature's Art, (among other things) and have decided to make this comic in black and white. I feel as though black and white (and some gray) imagery can convey a simple truth and holds a purity that color can often taint. There is also an attempt to keep the dialog to a minimum, because I'm a firm believer that a reader will get more out of an experience if they are allowed to draw their own conclusions about an image or an expression.

I feel as though the less I tell you about the story the better off your experience will be, so far as that all I'll say is that it's about religion, philosophy, and my and past artist's take on religion and philosophy. The furry animals are part of the symbolism.

Enjoy figuring it all out y'all! Bwahahaha....

J. Christine Leach

P.S. I update this site infrequently. Hopefully I'll get better about posting, but it's not dead. If I ever decide to stop doing this I'll make a note of it.