J. Christine Leach is a graduate of Harding University in Searcy Arkansas, where she currently resides with her husband, baby son, and two cat children. She has a BFA in graphic design, which she probably wouldn't have gotten had she known exactly what graphic design was when she signed up for it, (she was a very sheltered child). Christy was no quitter however, and waded through the trial knowing that she would probably be better off in the long run with the major, (or she was too lazy to change it, your call). As it turns out she was correct, and after many beatings and whippings learned skills and concepts that shaped her into the fine... whatever-she-is today. Not really a designer at heart, she taught herself how to draw and illustrate comics so that she could inflict them on the unsuspecting world for her own amusement.

If you should ever encounter a Christy in the wild you should flee before she inflicts you with her insane rantings about the evils of Comic Sans and Papyrus.

I blame the schools.

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